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Photographer located in St.Louis,Missouri servicing the greater Missouri area. Kids photographer specializing in portrait photography, fashion photography, modeling, and branding photography. If you are interested in kids photography please contact us for all of your fashion needs. Our high quality fashion material has been featured in many publications. I’m a fashion and branding photographer in St.Louis, MO. I photograph fashion, beauty, and lifestyle events.In the past, I’ve photographed high end fashion shows in New York, Miami, and Atlanta. I also photograph for brands and businesses in St.Louis, MO, and in Atlanta. I work with brands, businesses, and individuals looking to establish their presence online. I have experience in bringing businesses to life by shooting lifestyle images, fashion images.Fashion and branding photography is a great way to create a personal brand. You can also start an online business by selling your photography services. And you can even become a fashion photographer if you are skilled enough to take amazing photographs. You can also sell your photos to brands for advertising purposes. You can look for more information and tips on how to become a fashion photographer in this article.I was born in St.Louis,MO and have been a photographer since I was a teenager. I worked for several fashion magazines and brands in New York and Chicago, and have been freelancing ever since.